The function of health insurance is to reduce the policyholder’s financial burden to pay for the medical expense in case of sickness or injury resulting from accident. Some employers will provide group medical insurance to their employees. However, the cover provided under group health insurance may be insufficient. Employees have to pay for the difference if their medical expenses exceed the reimbursement limit in the group medical policy. As such, some employees will take out an additional individual health insurance. In the event of any claim exceeds the maximum limit of one of the policies, the difference can be recovered from the other policy. This will minimize the medical expenses borne by the employee. Our professional insurance experts who can provide you with free medical insurance counseling service that help you understand and compare different health plans of different insurance companies. To be a smart consumer, do not hesitate to call us at (852) 3589-5000 for any enquiries. We are happy to find you a solution.

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