With enormous amounts of construction work of all kinds constantly going on in Hong Kong, this is a very important class of business. All parties involved in any way in a construction project may be insured, namely, the owner, the contractors, etc. We can generally separate into 3 main sections. 1. Property Insurance on an “all risks” basis in respect of specified property, which is very likely to include the contract work, and any materials supplied by the Principal, with add-on cover for construction plant and equipment and construction machinery (as an alternative to a separate plant and machinery policy). Clearing of debris costs may also be included. 2. Liability Insurance provides coverage for third party injury or property damage arising out of the construction work. 3. Employees’ Compensation covers the insured employer’s liability at law towards his employees. Should you need a quotation, please call (852) 3589 5000 in office hours or email to gi@queenswayasset.com. Our professional insurance experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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