Several of the products we have already considered contain policy divisions giving third party liability cover. Those in this section, however, are exclusively third party cover. The liability for respective cover may arise from Statute (i.e. law made by the legislature) and/or in the Common Law (usually negligence). Liability at law can also arise under Contract, but it is usual to exclude from liability cover contractual liability, i.e. liability assumed under an agreement. Such an exclusion is necessary because the nature and scope of potential contractual liability vary a lot from one insured to another, and an extension to cover contractual liability will be inappropriate without a meticulous risk assessment. Liability insurance is an agreement intended to protect the insured instead of third parties, and to cover “liability for third party injury or property damage” instead of “third party injury or property damage”. That means a third party generally has not the right to claim against the insurer that has insured the person alleged to have caused the third party injury or damage. And the liability insurer is not obliged to pay under the policy unless and until the third party has succeeded in establishing liability on the part of the insured in addition to proof of injury or damage. Should you need a quotation, please call (852) 3589 5000 in office hours or email to Our professional insurance experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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