Professional Indemnity policies are intended for “professional” people, such as lawyers, doctors (Medical Malpractice insurance or medical indemnity insurance), accountants, architects, fund managers, trustees and the like. The cover is therefore intended to protect against mistakes in professional acts and omissions, including the giving of incompetent advice. Numerous policy forms are available in the professional indemnity insurance market, which will vary depending on the activities or professions involved, and from one insurer to another. Typically the professional indemnity insurance policy covers the insured’s legal liability in respect of third party claims first made against the insured during the policy period for third party injury, third party death, third party property loss or damage, or third party financial loss (depending on the activities or professions being covered), caused by a “wrongful” act or omission on the part of the insured. Should you need a quotation, please call (852) 3589 5000 in office hours or email to Our professional insurance experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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